Lesson 5 Assignment 1

Student Responses:

“If I were to write a Constitution for a government, I would expect that the electors, or voters, would meet the following criteria.

1. They must first understand the constitution of that government.

2. They would need to understand their responsibility as an elector to do what is right for the people, according to their understanding of the laws of nature and nature’s God.

3. I would expect them to be willing to study the candidates and/or issues so that they may have an educated vote.

I would use these criteria to qualify the voters because it only makes sense that if a person is going to be given the responsibility to act in a way that effects others, they need to show proof that they are prepared to make good judgments.

An example of this is the responsibility of driving a vehicle. Before a license may be issued, evidence needs to be shown that the individual is prepared to make good judgments that will affect others. In this case the requirements include minimum age, written understanding of the rules of the road, and an actual trial of their ability to operate a vehicle. If ever an individual shows evidence that they are incapable of complying to these rules or physical boundaries, their privilege to drive may be revoked.

Similar tests could be administered to show qualification for voting. I believe that the results of an election held by qualified voters would be the selection of leaders who will stick to the principles of the constitution, and the elected will feel some accountability to those electors. We will not have elections that are determined by the biased information sent out by the media, or backed by the special interest groups that have the most money. The electors will have studied and tried to really understand and know the individuals whom they elect.”

         —Melinda Peterson