What Students are Saying
About the Classes:

“We appreciate both of you donating your time to share your knowledge. You are both well versed and passionate which is refreshing. I have left the lessons with a new look at an old concept! … I like the way views are expressed and finally summarized in a way we can grasp.”

         —Corrina Brown
            Stansbury Park, UT class participant

“It is excellent information. Easy to see we have strayed from the Constitution. Makes you wonder if we could ever get back on the right track.”

         —J. Bruce Clegg
            Tooele County Commissioner

“I just wanted to take a minute and thank you and your husband for the class you taught in Tooele this month and last month. It was extremely informative and well organized. I enjoyed everything that was presented. I hope you and your husband have many more opportunities to continue teaching these classes, and enlightening the public mind.
Thanks again,”

         —Bradley L. Salmond Jr.
            State of Utah DWS/UI Research Consultant

“Thank you for your devotion! Not only to the cause of freedom but to the cause of overcoming ignorance among our citizenry.
I so appreciate the things I’ve learned to think about under your tutelage. Thank you for your insights and encouragements.
I’m so looking forward to reading your new book about the Electoral College. It’s a subject which has confused me until now! Thanks to you.
Thank you for the book marks! They are wonderful quotes!!”

       —Varena Terrero
           Bountiful, UT (former student in SLC, UT)

“Thank you so much for the wonderful series I was able to attend. It has made an impression on me and how I view my opportunity to serve on the Planning Commission and how I make decisions. It has also made me very aware of how I need to be active in my community and no longer think “oh well, somebody else will take care of that” Could I purchase from you 7 copies of the Constitution and 7 keys for my fellow commissioners that you gave out at our class.? I would like to present them at our next meeting which is the first Wednesday of Sept. I can’t believe they missed such an opportunity. They can never recover the lost opportunity they had to learn so much about our Constitution and what a blessing it is in our lives. Thank you again.

       —Joan Brown
           North Ogden (Utah) Planning Commission

“We enjoyed taking your course on the Constitution a few years ago. We look forward to reading your book together. I’ve always known the Electoral College was inspired, have partially understood it, and look forward to filling in the gaps to gain a solid understanding of it. Thanks for your true Patriotism.”

       —Ed & Sue Taylor
           Holladay, UT (former students in SLC, UT)