Keys to Understanding the Paradigm of the Founding Fathers

  1. God is the source of all truth.
  2. God is the source of freedom.
  3. Freedom is the physical manifestation of agency and consequences, in the absence of coercion.
  4. Justice is the absence of injustice; it is achieved by securing individual rights.
  5. Natural Law, or God’s Law, should be the foundation of municipal law.
  6. Religion, morality and knowledge in the science of government are the pillars of human happiness and political prosperity.
  7. The Declaration of Independence declares the principles of freedom; the United States Constitution is the strategy for freedom.
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  9. The Constitution was designed to control the national government, not to control the people.
  10. The national government was to deal with the states and other nations; the states and local governments were to deal with the people.
  11. The Constitution was structured to recognize and protect separate and sometimes conflicting interests.
  12. The Formula For Freedom is found in the structure of the U.S. Constitution:
    • Limited, delegated powers. (Enumeration)
    • Vertical distribution of powers. (Federalism)
    • Horizontal separation of powers. (Separation)
    • Checks. (Bridle usurpation)
    • Balances. (Representation of all interests)
    • Secured rights. (Individual sovereignty)
  13. The Framers intelligently designed The United States of America to be a complex constitutional representative Republic not a Democracy.
  14. The first 10 amendments, The Bill of (Individual) Rights, do not amend the original intent of the Constitution. They clarify the restraints placed on the national government and they safeguard the rights of individuals.
  15. The 9th and 10th Amendments are the keystones to preserving Freedom.
  16. In order to retain the divinely inspired Constitution, the “Miracle at Philadelphia,” every generation must be educated in the divine science of government and be vigilant in its preservation.