What Others are Saying About:

The Evolution and Destruction
of the
Original Electoral College


“I finished your excellent book, The Evolution and Destruction of the Original Electoral College. You did a fantastic job. It’s badly needed information. No question there is a strong movement to get rid of the Electoral College by the evildoers. I’ve spent nearly 21 years in the trenches full time. I like to say I’ve actually been in school the last two decades because I’ve learned more from researchers like you than in any classroom. I’ll make sure I highlight it on my website. I want to keep my copy for reference in columns. Thank you for all your hard work.”

       —Devvy Kidd – Author Why a Bankrupt America
          American Patriot Columnist, News With Views “Constitutionally Speaking”


“I was intrigued by your management of the topic and set all other reading aside to study the content. I have seen nothing like it. This work on the Electoral College will fill an important void and aid many people to overcome the region of ignorance in which we all seem to wallow to some degree. Also I rejoice in your steady commitment in promoting the cause of liberty. There seems to be an awakening interest in the topic.”

         —Stephen Pratt – Know Your Liberty lecture series.


“The best candidates for President rarely rise to electability because America fell into the European trap. It came with the 12th amendment that engrained the inefficient European two-party model into America’s election process. This divisive change twisted our nation’s presidential election process from choosing the best of the best into a $2 billion beauty pageant. That road to ruin is clearly explained in Gary and Carolyn Alder’s delightful analysis entitled ‘ The Evolution and Destruction of the Original Electoral College.’ In their well-sourced 50-page description they explain the Electoral College’s origins, purpose, and demise. They also give hope and solutions for how we can and must return to that winning formula. This is must reading for Americans of all ages left wondering who hijacked our presidential election process and how to get it back.”

         —Paul B. Skousen (son of W. Cleon Skousen)
            national Constitution Coach
            former intelligence officer in the CIA and the Reagan White House


“This is one of those booklets that I didn’t want to set down—Even after I had read it several times. A real gem.

I majored in political science in College, with an emphasis on American political thought and the U.S. Constitution, and taught the Constitution to high school students. Furthermore I studied the Constitution and constitutional principles for over thirty five years. So I thought I knew all about how the Original Electoral College operated—Boy was I wrong.

I thought the Electoral College was primarily a candidate selection process. But Gary and Carolyn Alder explain in this short booklet how the Electoral College was a three step process involving nomination, candidate selection and a final vote. This process of nomination, candidate selection, and final vote is explored in detail.

Finally, the authors discuss the history of how the Electoral College was undermined, and how our modern political parties and our current flawed Presidential election process came into being.

I can’t recommend this booklet highly enough. Simply marvelous.”

       —Steven Ray Montgomery
         Independent Constitutional Scholar and Researcher


“Your understanding of the original electoral college is the same as mine. …Madison assumed that presidential elections would end up in the House of Representatives ‘nineteen out of twenty times’ – just what you say on page 33.
…I found your booklet well written and informative and enjoyed reading it. My only questions have to do with the ‘value judgments.’ I believe you are performing a wonderful educational function and one that will make the participants in your programs better citizens (and maybe even better people).”

—John V. Orth
William Rand Kenan, Jr. Professor of Law
University of North Carolina


“In these days when our freedom is in such grave danger I am pleased to see Gary and Carolyn Alder’s book on the electoral college which explains the Founders’ great effort to protect against the influence of party politics in the selection of a president and vice president and what it has become over the years.”

         —Jerome Horowitz
            author of The Elders of Israel and the Constitution and
            The United States Has Two Constitutions.


“A key to the United States of America sustaining liberty is education. We know constitutional illiteracy is one of the worst challenges facing us today. As we strive to find quality, informative, easy to understand teaching tools from time-to-time we find one extraordinary. ‘ The Evolution and Destruction of the Original Electoral College’ is such a tool. This little booklet takes the student on a journey of understanding from its opening question about why we choose the lesser of two evils to the conclusion urging a return to original design. We encourage everyone to read and share this booklet. Every election cycle you will be glad you did!”

         —Gary & Shirley Wood – Co-founders of the Heritage Training Center


“Gary and Carolyn Alder’s The Evolution and Destruction of the Original Electoral College is a well-researched book that reviews the original concept behind the Electoral College. They looked into the original intent and came to the conclusion that if the Electoral College were implemented today in its original form, it would help do away with today’s political party system that highlights moneyed special interests and corruption. Their conclusion is well founded. The book reflects solid research. I highly recommend it to anyone interested in solving the problems we face today with the present system.”

         —Ken Bowers
            author of Hiding in Plain Sight, Beneath the Tide, Quotations on Liberty


“Gary and Carolyn Alder are right on target with their elucidation of the realms of freedom. The Alders have researched the Electoral College in a way that illuminates the intent of the founding fathers. I appreciate the Alders’ love of freedom and our inspired Constitution. You can count on them!”

         —Jim Mackley
            Sentinel News Managing Editor, Founder of the Freedom Coalition


The Evolution and Destruction of the Original Electoral College is an in-depth analysis of how we should elect our Presidents. The Framers of our Constitution believed that the President should represent the nation as a whole in unity. This is the purpose of the Electoral College. This body of electors was intended to balance the need for national unity while protecting the sovereignty of the state governments. Unfortunately, the Electoral College is increasingly under attack by misguided Americans who fail to understand that in our Constitution the state governments have a vital role in our government. I highly recommend this book by Gary and Carolyn Alder. It is filled with valuable information concerning the proper role of the Electoral College, the best kept secret in American politics today.

         —David W New, Esq.
            Attorney at Law


          Re: The Evolution and Destruction of the Original Electoral College
“Over 200 years ago, the Founders guaranteed a republican form of government. Instead, the Constitution has been amended and distorted to become what they feared most. Carolyn and Gary have effectively summarized how this happened.”

         —Cherilyn Eagar
            Chairwoman, National Eagle Forum Constitutional Studies


“This booklet follows the pattern of many such booklets of America’s founding era as both enlightening and motivating. Although the evolution of the Electoral College is very little spoken of today, the consequences of that evolution are the primary reason why we endure so much political intrigue and corruption in elections today. This booklet makes a compelling argument for a restoration of the principles that guided the Founders in their creation of the original Electoral College.”

         —Marcus Smith, J.D.
            University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill


“This booklet is so informative. I wish I was still in Salt Lake so I could come to your events. Thanks for all I learned from you about the Constitution.”

         —Barbara Bindrup
            Logan, UT (former student in SLC, UT)


“Thank you for all the well-researched evidence, inspired insight and wisdom packed into your pamphlet, The Evolution and Destruction of the Original Electoral College. I very much appreciate the opportunity you’ve given me to read it. Knowledge of the truth is the medicine my spirit needs to heal the devastating effects of historical deception and confusion. I feel much better already!

The Electoral College has long been a subject of curiosity and interest, for I recognized that something wise and wonderful has become so battered and scarred that most Americans have tossed the whole concept in the ‘has bin’. Yet I had not knowledge enough to defend the principles behind its genius. Now I do; now I will.”

         —Susan Sorensen
            Former Chairwoman, Salt Lake County Constitution Party