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This Section of the website contains information from our book The Evolution and Destruction of the Original Electoral College.

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– References
– Terms and Usage
– US Electoral College Different from Others


– The Original Electoral College
– Direct Election vs. Indirect Election
– The Phases of Any Election Process
– The Phases of The Electoral College System
– Each State Shall Appoint
– A Number of Electors
– Electors an Independent Body
– Electoral Votes are Nominating Votes
– Meet in Their Respective States
– Vote by Ballot for Two Persons
– One Not from Their Own State
– Hamilton Defends the System
– Open the Certificates
– The Shortcut
– The House of Representatives Shall Choose
– Each State Has One Vote
– Vice-President Selection
– Original Design Summary
– No Political Parties Intended


– Political Parties Rise to Power
– The Spirit of Party
– Electors Perceived to Make the Final Decision
– Evolution of the Nominating Function
– Popular Election of Electors
– Quality vs. Electability
– Nomination in the Party Context
– Evolution of the Role of the Electors
– President/Vice-President Teams
– The Election Goes to the House
– 12th Amendment Institutionalizes Party Usurpation
– Analyzing the 12th Amendment
– Opposition to the 12th Amendment
– The System is Still Broken


– The Electoral College Today
– No Independent Electors Allowed
– Electors Pledged to a Candidate
– Electors Owned by Political Parties
– Original Intent vs. Evolution and Destruction
– Conclusions
– National Popular Vote