Lesson 4 – Constitutional Government

Assignment 1

Key # 12 of our Keys to Understanding the Paridigm of the Founding Fathers states:

The Framers intelligently designed The United States of America to be a complex constitutional representative Republic not a Democracy.

In your opinion why is (or is not) a written constitution more important in a Republic than in any other form of government?

– Assignment 1 Student Comments

 Assignment 2

Key # 11 of our Keys to Understanding the Paradigm of the Founding Fathers reads as follows:

The Formula for Freedom is found in the structure of the U. S. Constitution:

Limited, delegated powers.   (Enumeration)

Vertical distribution of powers.    (Federalism)

Horizontal separation of powers.     (Separation)

Checks.     (Bridle usurpation)

Balances.     (Representation of all interests)

 Secured Rights.     (Individual sovereignty)

In your opinion why does this constitutional structure protect freedom better than any other form of government? What could happen to cause the structure to fail?

– Assignment 2 Student Comments