How to Complete Lesson Assignments

 (The links shown on this page are not real links)

1.  Go to Home Page

2.  Select TAB “Resources

3.  Click on link Class Assignments

4.  For lesson 1 assignments click on link Lesson 1

5.  To reply to assignment 1 click on link Assignment 1 Comments

 Please do the assignment the best you can before looking at the selected answers from others.  If the comments that others have made generate additional ideas in your mind, then go back and create a new comment.

 If the instructors wish to comment to your assignment this will be done using email.  The Assignment section will not be turned into an open forum blog.

We only select some of the responses to be available for others to view.  If you do not want your name to appear on the Comments From list for a particular assignment response or if you prefer a pseudonym please so indicate in the text of each assignment.  Your comments will be available for others to view only after administrative approval.