Lesson 12 – Amendments 19 through 27

Assignment 1

The    Amendment is often credited with giving women the right to vote.  Is there anything in the Constitution prior to the addition of this amendment that would preclude a woman from voting?  If the Constitution did not prevent women from exercising this franchise what did? In your opinion why did the original Constitution not contain more direction on who was eligible to vote?

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Assignment 2

The    Amendment establishes term limits for the president.  This amendment was ratified in 1951. In your opinion why did we as a nation think that this amendment was necessary at that time? Why didn’t the Framers establish term limits for the president (or other national positions for that matter)? What is it about our system of government makes term limits seem like a good idea? What is the argument against term limits? From your perspective of the American Constitutional Paradigm, which side of this discussion would the Founders take and why? 

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