Quote: we aren’t ruled by some fanatic with a funny mustache who likes big parades
-No just big greek artecture in acceptence speeches.
-The presidential seal being change to the 0
-children singing to the tune of Battle hymn of the republic to our current President.
-Or the past adminstration surrendering capitalism under the flag of an emergency.

Quote: federal government now routinely assumes thousands of powers never assigned to it
-Transferring the possessions of one to give to another.
-Restraining free speech
-Wanting to controll others lives by controling removing our sources of energy and other resources
-taking over businesses i.e goverment motors
-restricting our right to bear arms.

Quote: using entitlement programs, … to buy some people’s votes with other people’s money
-you don’t even have to be a citizen of the US
-When your substance (welfare), health (medicare) and our homes (don’t pay home taxes and you lose your house?) come from the goverment they jump and we say “How high?

Melva Gifford