Election of Executive – May 29

The *Virginia plan was presented to the convention by Edmund Randolph of Virginia. Discussion of the plan was scheduled for the next day.

*the Virginia plan

Article 7 of this plan called for the establishment of a national executive branch of government as follows:

7. Resd. that a National Executive be instituted; to be chosen by the National Legislature for the term of _____ years, to receive punctually at stated times, a fixed compensation for the services rendered, in which no increase or diminution shall be made so as to affect the Magistracy, existing at the time of increase or diminution, and to be ineligible a second time; and that besides a general authority to execute the National laws, it ought to enjoy the Executive rights vested in Congress by the Confederation.

The original proposal according to the Virginia plan was that the national legislature was to choose the executive for one term of office.


– Direct election only for House of Representatives