Election of Executive – June 9

Mode of Appointing

Mr. Gerry moved that the National Executive should be elected by the Executives of the States where each State Executive voted his proportion of Senate representation. [At the time, each State’s representation in the Senate was assumed to be proportional like the House of Representatives.]
He said that if the National Legislature made the appointment it would lessen the independence of the Executive, bring corruption and intrigue prior to the election, and partiality afterward to those who helped him get elected. He also believed that the State Executives would select the men most fit for office.

Mr. Randolph did not think Mr. Gerry’s proposal would work well. It would not get the confidence of the people in the National magistrate. The small States would lose all chance of someone being appointed from among them. A National Executive chosen in this way would not defend the National government against State encroachments. He also could see no reasonable way to fill vacancies that would occur.

VOTE – on this motion



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