What is an Elector and Why Did the Framers Want an Electoral College Anyway?

Article I Elector

The simplest definition of an elector is a voter. In this sense Article I of the Constitution mentions the electors of members of the House of Representatives meaning a voter in a direct election. In this sense an elector is anyone qualified to vote for their United States Congressman.

Article II Elector

Article II of the Constitution refers to a specific use of the word Elector, refering to an individual who has a specific duty in the selection process of the President of the United States. Although we have found no reference of the term electoral college in the writings of the Framers, the term signifies the collection or assembly of Electors as a whole. The Constitution did not call for a national assembly of Electors to make a final national decision but an assembly of the Electors in each State which provides a federal nominating process.

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