Dear Candidate,

The Heritage Training Center is pleased to invite you to participate in a discussion of constitutional principles.  This invitation is open to all candidates for US Senator from Utah regardless of party affiliation.  This event which we have called FOCUS on FREEDOM will be held on Thursday May 6, 2010 at 7:00 pm at the Salt Lake County Complex.   This gathering is designed to be a discussion of principles more than a debate of issues.  We want all of the candidates to express their views and demonstrate their understanding of basic constitutional principles before the machinations of the current party system eliminate many of the candidates in their party’s state convention.

How is this event similar to a debate?

  • For each question 1 candidate will have the opportunity to give a primary response and 2 other candidates will have the opportunity to respond as to how their position and understanding either agree with or differ from the primary respondent.

How does this event differ from a debate?

  • The questions are formulated to discuss principles rather than issues.  We believe that if our Senators and Representatives understand and support basic principles, they will be able to make correct decisions about issues as they come up.
  • The candidates will have the opportunity to study fully the questions that will be asked and the principles that they relate to.  This is not an effort to surprise any candidate nor to see who can come up with a way to trick their opponents.

 What is the source of the questions that will be asked?

  •  Gary and Carolyn Alder claim to have discovered 15 Key principles to understanding the Constitution.  The questions come from the explanation of the 15 Keys found on their website   
  • All candidates are encouraged to study the information from the website and prepare their responses in detail so that the audience can recognize the depth of their thinking.
  • This letter and the list of the questions are also posted under the group “Wipe Out Constitutional Illiteracy” on the Heritage Training Center website for anyone to review.

What is the format of the questions and principles to be discussed?

  • For each question, one of the 15 Keys will be displayed.  A statement will be given that explains some point that pertains to that principle.
  • The candidate will respond with either “Defend” or “Refute” and then he or she will explain his or her position relating to the statement and principle.
  • Each of the 2 candidates with the secondary response will have time to “Defend” or “Refute” and explain their understanding.