Nature and Number – June 6

Nature of Executive

Mr. Wilson moved to reconsider having the judiciary excluded from being part of the Council of Revision to influence the Executive

Mr. Madison seconded the motion. He felt that the judicial influence would have more advantages than disadvantages. It would help protect the judiciary from legislative encroachments

Mr. Gerry thought the Executive would be more impartial if he could stand alone in revisionary matters.

Mr. King felt that if the executive were a single individual, acting alone was as applicable to his revisionary powers as it was to his executive powers.

Mr. Pinkney was opposed to the introduction of the judges into the business.

Col. Mason was for the revisionary institution to protect the Executive from legislative usurpation.

Mr. Dickenson said the Executive should stand alone and the revisionary council improperly mixed the powers of other branches of government.

Mr. Wilson thought that the revisionary council was extraneous.

Mr. Williamson wanted to substitute a clause to require a 2/3 majority for each legislative act rather than the revisionary council provision.

VOTE – to Join Judges to Executive for Veto

No (No Council of Revision)

– Senate Appointed by Chief Executive