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Evolution and Destruction of the Original Electoral College

Evolution and Destruction of the Original Electoral College

3rd Edition - Paperback

This book provides an in-depth analysis of the ingenious system that the Framers designed to identify the best possible presidential candidates. Unfortunately the system has been destroyed by the machinations of party politics. All patriots interested in restoring the Framers’ original plan will recognize the need to understand this unique process.

How could this country create a system which would consistently produce high quality presidents? Focus on the quality of the candidates. Concentrate on the selection process rather than the outcome of a particular election. The Framers of the Constitution created exactly that kind of system—the original Electoral College.

In this 100 page book, Gary and Carolyn Alder describe the original benefits, design, and intent of the Electoral College System. They then describe how that intent has been subverted, perverted, obsured, ignored, and discarded.

This book is required reading for all patriots interested in restoring the nation to the Framers’ original intent.

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